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kids and fibers

helping them get their daily needs

Most kids don’t get enough fiber in their daily diet -- and that can lead to a host of digestive problems, the most obvious of which is constipation. Fiber doesn’t get digested by the human body, so it moves through your digestive tract and cleans up the pipes -- allowing a smoother, easier passage for waste products.


So one of the best ways to keep your child regular and promote his digestive health is to feed him plenty of fiber. Instead of forcing him to eat a big bowl of bran flakes, try these tips to increase their fiber intake.


1-    Homemade Trail Mix


Help kids make their own trail mix by putting out bowls of dried fruit, nuts, or seeds along with a higher-fiber cereal, and mixing them up into to-go containers or plastic bags.


2-    Fruits and Veggies


Many fruits and vegetables are high in fiber --particularly with the skin on. If your child resists them, try making them fun by spearing fruit and veggie slices onto a kebab, or making a face with sliced-up fruits and veggies, or even a smoothie. . 


Remember not to give carrots to children younger than 3 or raisins to kids younger than 4 as they can be a choking hazard.


3-    Creamy Dips


Kids who resist fiber-rich fruits and veggies may also be more adventurous if they can dip them in something first -- like yogurt, labneh and thym, hommos,…or even light cocktail sauce.


4-    Mixed-Up Cereals


Having trouble getting your child to try that whole-wheat fiber cereal? Try mixing up a couple of high-fiber cereals with a small amount of one of the less good-for-you options that your child may be drawn to in the supermarket. 

Look for a high-fiber cereal that has 3 to 5 grams of fiber per serving, and then let them mix it up with just a little bit of one of the junkier ones.”


5-    Sandwich in Some Fiber


Just as with cereal, the whole-grain breads or wraps you’re using for your kids’ sandwiches should have at least three grams of fiber per serving. 


Check the package: just because it’s called ‘whole grain,’  doesn’t always translate to fiber.


6-    Add Color With Berries


In addition to being colorful and sweet, berries with seeds are very high in fiber, and kids usually love them. 


Perhaps the highest-fiber berry is the little raspberry. They can be expensive, but it doesn’t take much to feed up the fiber. “Just a quarter cup has about the same amount of fiber as almost an entire apple.


7-    Grab Some Granola


The granola bar corner at your supermarket is probably packed with high-fiber bars. They’re easy to pack and often appealing to kids. 

8-    Pop Some Popcorn

What kid doesn’t like popcorn? It’s rich in fiber, and as long as you avoid the heavily salted and buttered varieties, it’s pretty healthy in general as well.